Atoms of Gratitude: Seafood Risotto

I like to look back over all I have to be grateful for. It keeps me in a positive frame of mind, and inspires me to rise to new challenges when I take stock of all I have achieved. Last year I was honored with… Keep Reading »

My Year in Review, 2011

The last week of the year is when I really notice all that I have to be grateful for. Taking stock of the year’s accomplishments, triumphs, and fun (and making a mental notes of where my weaknesses could be strengthened) helps me set new goals… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes

Toasting A New Era: Eau De Vie Julie Anne

What better way to start out in Jewels from The Roving Stove’s new home, than announcing the release of Eau De Vie Julie Anne in Italy and France, a limited edition bottle of Grappa named after yours truly by the venerable┬áSimini Catering in conjunction with… Keep Reading »