Ever since I can remember I have loved dressing up. I spent hour upon hour raiding my mother’s lingerie drawer to dress up like Samantha or Serena (I had a much stronger resemblance to Serena in both colorings and naughtiness) in Bewitched using mom’s negligees.

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Frock My World!

From playing dress up as a child to dressing up for Party Accomplished, go ahead – frock my world!
Here are my top ten favorites…

It all started with being a flower girl in my neighbor’s wedding…

… grew slightly more sophisticated on the love boat (although I… Keep Reading »

Elizabeth Emanuel

Viva the Little Black Dress!

She may have made her name dressing Princess Diana, but Elizabeth Emanuel proved she is still queen of the catwalk!

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The Cupcake Day Of Reckoning

Julie Anne Rhodes in Elizabeth Emanuel
I want to go to cupcake heaven when I die. For now, Sprinkles at 9635 Little Santa Monica Blvd., in Beverly Hills will have to do.

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Working the Bosom Bling

Julie Anne Rhodes for Elizabeth Emmanuel

Being the vain creature I am, I was naturally very concerned about the scar that surgery would leave emblazoned across my chest. Weeks were wasted fretting that it might read like a neon sign screaming “past her sell by date!”… Keep Reading »