Ten Commandments of Healthy Holiday Eating

“Indulgence vs. gluttony does not = deprivation” – the Jewels theory.
Navigating the holidays without gaining weight is difficult, but doable when you know how to make healthy eating choices. Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving does not mean you have to stuff your face full of absurd amounts of fat,… Keep Reading »

Holiday Entertaining Menu Plan (My Gift To You)

With the holidays in full swing there are plenty of occasions you might want to serve an impressive dinner, but if you’re the host – it can be particularly hectic and stressful to get those celebratory meals on the table. So, here’s my Christmas gift… Keep Reading »

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

Happy  80th Birthday Dad! Tatjana and I thought we would share a few memories and how much you mean to us to commemorate a very special milestone.
Dad in his office at Younkers back in the day
I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to learn more… Keep Reading »

Thanksgiving Leftovers & Black Friday

My Grandmother Ellie was a true matriarch, and Thanksgiving was her holiday. No matter how spread out around the country, everyone was summonsed home for a formal Thanksgiving dinner together. Another of her traditions  was to relegate my cousin Jane and  me to look after… Keep Reading »