Jodi on Jodi’s Jewel for Jewels

I normally photoshop it out of photos, but I kinda like how this pendant designed with love for others points to my life-saving scar, and symbolizes how close this cause is to my heart. Everyone knows Jewels loves jewels, so when jeweler Jodi Zulueta offered… Keep Reading »

Jodi’s jewel for Jewels

World Hunger day is this Sunday, October 16th, so what better time to announce a new WIN-WIN partnership for my Children’s Hunger Crisis Relief Fund? Jeweler, Jodi Zuletta has very generously designed an exquisite yet affordable pendant we are calling Jodi’s jewel for Jewels – benefitting the Children’s Hunger… Keep Reading »

I am Mother, Hear Me ROAR!

I believe that mothers have the power to change the world. Why? We are motivated by the fiercest of instincts known to man, the maternal instinct. In full swing it will not falter when confronting fear or greed, because for those fleeting moments it pulses… Keep Reading »

Children’s Hunger Crisis Relief Fund

How to use the Personal Chef Approach™ to feed your family and theirs!
Photo Credit: Colin Crowley/Save the Children
The emaciated little bodies with skin hanging from their bones, the tears in their eyes, and the living-dead look in their eyes are all seared onto my heart. The easy thing… Keep Reading »