Guide to Gorgeous

Well chickadees, my staycation has finally morphed into a full fledge vacation. It is definitely time to recharge my batteries!
Jewels on the beach
I plan to sit on a lovely beach, meditate, and reflect on life. I also want to swim until my heart’s content (and… Keep Reading »

Lipstick ready

Model Make-Up Tips & Tricks: Lipstick

I’ve done a couple heavy posts lately, so I thought I’d lighten the blog up a bit this weekend with a make-up tips I learned as a model post. A nice idea since I will be drawing the winner of the Joy the Baker cookbook… Keep Reading »

From Fashion to Style

The soundtrack to my life might be David Bowie’s Fashion. I can’t help humming it, and trying to remember the lyrics as I write this.

Jewels pictured with Twiggy in a London Times article
I lived for dressing up, forever mimicking some character I admired. When barely… Keep Reading »


People often remark that my going from fashion model to personal chef was an odd choice. Not really. You try living on 3 lettuce leaves a day and various stimulants and see where that gets you…a seat in an AA meeting feeling very, very hungry!… Keep Reading »