Atoms of Gratitude: Friendship & Fashion Fix

It was a particularly stressful, sleep deprived week this week between emergencies with both my daughter and my dog, furiously trying to get 200 recipes uploaded to the new site, auditions, blogs posts and menus to write, plus back to back clients – all of… Keep Reading »

Shop Vintage Julie Anne

Either I had to go on a diet, or my overcrowded closet did. Guess who won? Gone are my days of living on three lettuce leaves and the occasional bowl of chicken vegetable soup to remain a perfect sample size. I like eating as much… Keep Reading »

Pssst, It’s Mother’s Day Soon

I’ve already waffled on about how much I love being a mother, but I also lucked out when parents were being handed out. Now I’ve been spoiled with easy access to mom and dad in Palm Springs all winter, I find myself missing them more… Keep Reading »

Highlights of 2013

The year could not have begun on a better note – Tatjana came home and I finally got to meet the boyfriend. Poor Aaron hardly knew what hit him when he was immediately whisked away to Newport Beach to meet the grandparents too. Living directly… Keep Reading »

Brit Week Bliss, Even in High Heels

I received an invitation to OPFASHART, which at first glance I read as a less than ladylike bodily function, but then the image of my friend Amanda Eliasch emblazoned across the front caught my eye – it looked remarkably as though my old pal, artist Duggie… Keep Reading »

Fashion Rocks

Fashion & Food That Rocks

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my career in food, and wouldn’t swap it for love nor money (not today anyway). However, the rock and roll meets fashion diva within thrives on. I still need an occasional fashion fix.
Julie Anne Rhodes: Fashion Rocks
Lucky for me,… Keep Reading »

Recipe Writing 101 (Jewels Style)

One of my premium members asked me how to write a recipe the other day. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that, since I’m not a classically trained chef – I can only offer my own path to painting with flavor. I’ve always loved food, my fondest memories of childhood were… Keep Reading »

Halloween Fashion & Pumpkin Carving 101

I think the driving force behind my short lived acting career was the opportunity to wear costumes and special effects make-up. Once that dream was fulfilled, my thespian passions waned. Premium member Lane
Actress Julie Anne Rhodes
Buckman is clearly no slouch in the costume department either. I… Keep Reading »