I am most contenedtly nestled into the rather grand home of my friends Miranda and Mick Jones (I keep expecting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to come flying through the window into the children’s nursery at any moment). They have graciously offered me shelter during my… Keep Reading »

How To Choose Fresh Seafood

I swam like a fish as a child, and went deep sea fishing with my family in Acapulco, Mexico when I was a teenager (I caught that 6 foot swordfish next to me in the photo below), but that is about as far as my… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Cleaning Cockles

Dear Jewels – As there was no ‘R’ in the month our fishmonger had no clams but he suggested cockles instead. The cockles were in brine so he suggested soaking them. I then followed my own recipe. The sauce and pasta were delicious but the cockles… Keep Reading »

Favorite Reruns II

“A rerun or repeat is a re-airing of an episode of a radio or television broadcast.”- Wikipedia
I’m making like the networks, and running some blog post reruns while I take a brief break. Take a click down memory lane (click on the photo or the link below to… Keep Reading »