Girl on Film

While working in Paris in 1985, I landed my first film role in a film called Une Femme ou Deux (A Woman or Two). Talk about jumping in at the deep end… my first scene ever was with Gerard Depardieu!

Gerard Depardieu with Julie Anne Rhodes… Keep Reading »

Recipe Testing & The Personal Chef Approach

Developing and testing recipes is one of my favorite parts of my career. Every recipe is a new blank canvas I get to paint with flavor.  I always find chillier, rainy weather most conducive to the process, so it’s been a productive week.
Jewels dreaming up… Keep Reading »


I went on a culinary adventure last night to celebrate the birthdays of two dear friends. BTW, All vegan friends please divert your eyes, because I’m even feeling a little guilty about this expedition to Animal where we did indeed eat many furry, and not… Keep Reading »

Making Truly Creepy Cakes & Best Costume

Harper Collins just sent me a copy of Twisted Cakes, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! While the “iced gravestone” and “can of worms” are great for a kids Halloween party – there are some seriously gruesome cakes in this book for… Keep Reading »

Sometimes on Sunday’s I Get a Little Sneaky

Sometimes on Sunday’s I shop. I confess, this Sunday is a little bigger spree than normal.
Tatjana and friend in Thailand, 1994
I am planning (shhhhhhh, don’t tell her – I want it to be a surprise) to book a trip to celebrate Tatjana’s upcoming birthday in… Keep Reading »

The Cooking Channel

Catch Jewels on Food(ography) May 1st!

Mark your calendars! The segment I taped about being a personal chef for Food(ography) will air on The Cooking Channel this Sunday, May 1st. Be sure to check your local show times, and tune in. The show is specifically about food in Los Angeles, and I… Keep Reading »

The Golden Ticket to Foodie Paradise!

Julie Anne Rhodes
In all honesty, open heart surgery is not a walk in the park. In fact I am beginning to think I could run for president of the wimp club (and win)… it has been tough. The upside… I feel like Charlie winning the… Keep Reading »


People often remark that my going from fashion model to personal chef was an odd choice. Not really. You try living on 3 lettuce leaves a day and various stimulants and see where that gets you…a seat in an AA meeting feeling very, very hungry!… Keep Reading »