“Life is Short, Eat Dessert First”

My friend Lara and I on the beach in Portugal, 1993

There is not a more perfect pleasure in the world than a cold, creamy ice cream cone after a sweltering day of sun bathing, swimming, and jet skiing. It just wouldn’t be summer without it!… Keep Reading »


Cruising the Caribbean & Panama Canal with mom and dad 1978

My parents showed me enough of the world to whet my voracious appetite for travel forever. BTW, my sister Patty was on that cruise with us (being the sweet big sister I was…I probably knocked… Keep Reading »


Tatjana & Julie Anne Rhodes at Gil’s

Evening 1 of our highly anticipated vacation kicked off with a magnificent meal in Dubrovnik. The modern decor of Gil’s came as a suprizing contrast to the harbor and mideval walled town our table overlooked. The hip young crowd… Keep Reading »