Special Occasions & Party Accomplished

There are no shortages of special occasions that might require a more elegant menu this time of year. Since I’ve been asked to tape another guest chef appearance next month, and they requested I make a holiday and/or special occasion recipe, I thought I’d come up… Keep Reading »

Tatjana and I putting on lipstick

Model Make-Up Tips & Tricks: Lipstick

I’ve done a couple heavy posts lately, so I thought I’d lighten the blog up a bit this weekend with a make-up tips I learned as a model post. A nice idea since I will be drawing the winner of the Joy the Baker cookbook… Keep Reading »

Bet You Can’t Eat Just One of These Recipes

Warning: the following post is entirely biased. I am not being compensated in any way, but if I’m nice – Joy Wilson, a.k.a. Joy the Baker, might share the crumbs from her recipes for the next cookbook. I am in the neighborhood, and always an eager… Keep Reading »

Lane Morris Buckman

Review: How I Made The PCA™ Work for Me

Eight weeks into practicing the Personal Chef Approach™, wife, mother, author, and premium member Lane Morris Buckman has generously updated us with her experiences, obstacles, and ultimate victory in using the

PCA™ – showing us exactly what does, and does not work for her. Oh, and did I mention this wonder… Keep Reading »

A Review of the Personal Chef Approach

This is quite a transformation (and proof you can do it too) considering the first email I ever received from Lane Morris Buckman, started out, “I am not a natural cook.  In fact, I have set on fire or set off the smoke detectors in every kitchen… Keep Reading »