Korean Spa: Stress Buster

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but I much prefer visiting the Korean Spa to recharge my batteries. Sure, it may feel like sheer indulgence, but I’m a firm believer that this super stress buster also happens to be great preventative medicine… Keep Reading »

Eat Your Way To Health

JEWELS: Given a choice between taking an expensive drug for life, that may bring with it a host of other serious side effects, or seeing if adapting our diet can heal or at least aid in healing chronic health issues, I for one, would choose… Keep Reading »

Maintaining health and vigor

Atoms of Gratitude: Maintaining Health & Vigor

People often view massage as a luxury, and being pampered does feel luxurious, but I look at it as a down payment on good health. Stress IS a killer. So, this week’s atom of gratitude is for spa week (mega discount rates), and the magnificent 1… Keep Reading »