Pork & Vegetable Stir-Fry

Savory and sweet with a combination of textures sure to please. This Asian dish is surprisingly quick and easy to make, so don’t let the number of ingredients put you off. The trick is to prep and measure all your ingredients in advance, because it… Keep Reading »

Kung Pao Shrimp

This is a lightened up version of the spicy Chinese classic, Kung Pao shrimp. It does require specialty pantry items you will find in most grocery store ethnic aisles today. If you like Chinese food as much as I do, but would prefer healthier versions… Keep Reading »

Turkey Cheddar Burgers

These juicy turkey burgers have been a staple on my A-list action-hero client’s menu for years. Lean and fighting mean flavor that satisfies his children too…. Keep Reading »

East African Sweet Potato Soup

The sweet potatoes, chickpeas and peanut butter in this full-bodied soup not only give it layers of flavor, but make it an extremely filling, mouth-watering, healthy meal in a dish. It is not just for vegetarians either – I find all my clients lap it… Keep Reading »

The World Tour of Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving dinner tastes great on the night, but you should use a little creativity when recycling the leftovers to avoid Thanksgiving overkill. I try to take my taste buds on a mini world tour to keep it interesting. No odes to leftover here – your… Keep Reading »

Eat Your Vegetables!

I was a model child when it came to drinking my milk, but vegetables? Not so much. This plea appeared recently on my blog, and I’m sure applies to many of us…

Model child Jewels
“My mother never made me eat vegetables so I never developed… Keep Reading »

My Big Break

Julie Anne Rhodes breaking through by Mike Owen

Oh no! Right after promising to get back on track with the healthy recipes and get in shape for summer with the “get fit” cheerleader act… I hit the sidewalk, and it hit back. Now I’m flat on… Keep Reading »