Crispy Kale

Crispy and salty like potato chips, but oh so much better for you! This is definitely a kid-friendly way to get the greens down your little (and big) rascals…. Keep Reading »

In Defense of School Lunches (& Breakfast)

I was initiated into the world of food activism in 1990. The flowerchild within (I was born a decade too late for the original action) got her ya-ya’s out when I got to march on 10 Downing Street in 1990 alongside Pamela Stephenson, Olivia Harrison,… Keep Reading »

My Big Break

Julie Anne Rhodes breaking through by Mike Owen

Oh no! Right after promising to get back on track with the healthy recipes and get in shape for summer with the “get fit” cheerleader act… I hit the sidewalk, and it hit back. Now I’m flat on… Keep Reading »