Crunchy Roasted New Potatoes

Parboiling, then smashing these tender baby potatoes in olive oil and herbs allows the potato to soak up the oil. When roasted they become crispy around the edges and smooth, soft potato inside that your teeth will glide through. The winning combination of garlic and… Keep Reading »

Smashed Carrots Tinged with Orange & Herbs

Orange brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots, while the spices and herbs anchor it in the savory realm. These smashed carrots are a great low-carb alternative to mashed sweet potatoes, and are festive enough for an enticing holiday side dish.
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Friday Food Tip: Fresh Herbs vs. Dried

I have to admit I have a penchant for fresh herbs, but it can get costly if, like me, you do not have a green thumb. I have two tips for you if your food budget is tight, so you do not have to sacrifice… Keep Reading »