Special Occasions & Party Accomplished

There are no shortages of special occasions that might require a more elegant menu this time of year. Since I’ve been asked to tape another guest chef appearance next month, and they requested I make a holiday and/or special occasion recipe, I thought I’d come up… Keep Reading »

Thanksgiving Frittata

Adapting a Spanish frittata American-style makes a great day-after-the-holiday brunch entree that helps you use up those yummy Thanksgiving leftovers in a highly flexible and innovative way. Feel free to substitute whatever you happen to have on hand, or would like to add…. Keep Reading »

Jewels Roast Turkey

I do not find much difference in taste between a turkey that has been frozen, and one that is fresh unless you are splurging on a free-range or kosher turkey. The frozen one is usually much less expensive, although you must have a big enough… Keep Reading »