Modernism Week

Mom and Dad have been wintering in Palm Springs again, so we decided to check out the week celebrating Mid Century Modern¬†architecture. What I didn’t bargain for was the traffic during what turned out to be a
Mid Century Modern week in Palm Springs
record breaking number… Keep Reading »

Highlights of 2013

The year could not have begun on a better note – Tatjana came home and I finally got to meet the boyfriend. Poor Aaron hardly knew what hit him when he was immediately whisked away to Newport Beach to meet the grandparents too. Living directly… Keep Reading »

Jewels & Cocktails at David Webb

I had two interesting invitations last Wednesday. One for the opening of a chocolate store billed as the adult version of Willy Wonka on steroids, and the other for world-renowned Manhattan based jeweler, David Webb, ¬†an iconic jewelry house steeped in history . Tempting as… Keep Reading »

Atoms of Gratitude: Forever Hollywood

Last night marked a first for me. Only in Hollywood could Tatjana, our friend Millie Brown, and I pay our respect to Hollywood legends such as Cecile B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, Jayne Mansfield and Douglas Fairbanks while watching the hilarious old RKO film Bringing Up… Keep Reading »

Lawry’s Prime Rib & Seasoning Salt

While legendary Tinseltown restaurants like Chasen’s and the Brown Derby have long since disappeared, Lawry’s Prime Rib has managed to maintain it’s ambiance, clientele, and employees.

Meet Pepe – he’s been the mixologist here for over forty years
Christopher Hopgood gave mom and me a rare behind… Keep Reading »

Oscar and The Chocolate Box Dress

Julie Anne Rhodes doing her best Oscar impression

Uber hip fashion designer Julia Clancey sent me a text this week… “frocks and cocktails in my Oscar suite?” She was very generously offering to dress me for the parties again this year. Alas, even though I feel… Keep Reading »