Unabashed Glamour

“I’m the man who has spent 40 years measuring and studying women’s bodies. Not just thin women. Everyday real women. Real bosoms. Real problems. Women who have no tits and want them, and women who want them smaller. I build frocks.” – Antony Price
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Be Happy!

First, let me congratulate Jerry Hall on her nuptials this past week, and then I have to say “haters stop hating (it’s such unbecoming behavior). Just be happy!”
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Ever since I can remember I have loved dressing up. I spent hour upon hour raiding my mother’s lingerie drawer to dress up like Samantha or Serena (I had a much stronger resemblance to Serena in both colorings and naughtiness) in Bewitched using mom’s negligees.

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Yoko Ono & Kitchen Spring Cleaning

We met Yoko Ono at dinner one evening many years ago in New York. We offered her a lift home, and she invited us up to the apartment in the Dakota. Nick reverently played John Lennon’s piano, while I accompanied Yoko to the kitchen to… Keep Reading »

(EX)Rock Wives Speak Out

MTV did a show in the late 1980″s Called Rock Wives Speak Out. The commercial for it was so melodramatic that every time we heard Jerry Hall announce the title in her infectious Texan drawl, we would burst into fits of laughter. Since I had… Keep Reading »

Restaurant Spying with Friends

Okay, so I gave you the cart before the horse – a girl does have to keep her priorities straight! BEFORE we had that scrumpdilicious cake, Karla, Brtyn, and I had a scrumptious dinner at …

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Casual Glamour

Julie Anne learning from her great model mentor, Marie Helvin
I spent labor day at a lovely, kicked- back barbecue in Malibu with seductive spicy sausages, and lively conversation. The home was impeccably decorated. All white, zebra rug, and divine art. It sat atop a hill… Keep Reading »

The Housewives on Vacation

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes in Mustique
Last week’s episode of Housewives of New York vacationing in the Caribbean disturbed me. I know it is reality TV, and the more the drama queens bitch, the better for ratings- but really? The Caribbean and cat fights are… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch Competition Finalists

Tamara Beckwith, Christina Estrada, Tania Bryer, Normandie Keith, Jewels

OMG, they were all so yummy! It was extremely difficult for us to narrow it down to four. The finalists are listed here with corresponding menu number (in no particular order), so you can vote in the… Keep Reading »

Oscar and The Chocolate Box Dress

Julie Anne Rhodes doing her best Oscar impression

Uber hip fashion designer Julia Clancey sent me a text this week… “frocks and cocktails in my Oscar suite?” She was very generously offering to dress me for the parties again this year. Alas, even though I feel… Keep Reading »

A Portrait of the Quintessential Englishman

“I like to make people look as good as they would like to look, and then with luck, a shade better,” and that he did exceptionally well. That is precisely why we asked Norman Parkinson to photograph our wedding in August 1984. This is one… Keep Reading »


I’m not going to lie. Going from hiring the staff to BEing the staff has not always been easy…
When you’ve been married to a member of Princess Diana’s favorite Band, had Andy Warhol on speed-dial, and Mick Jagger happened to be the bartender at your baby… Keep Reading »