Jodi on Jodi’s Jewel for Jewels

I normally photoshop it out of photos, but I kinda like how this pendant designed with love for others points to my life-saving scar, and symbolizes how close this cause is to my heart. Everyone knows Jewels loves jewels, so when jeweler Jodi Zulueta offered… Keep Reading »

“Jewels” Loves Jewels

I earned my nickname from my ecstatic reaction to the jewels my ex husband would shower me with on special occasions. Sadly (insurance is so expensive these day) they were banished to the bank vault twenty years ago. I have periodic visitation days with the… Keep Reading »

“Jewels” Gets the Stylish Blogger Award

What a way to start 2011! Cupcake from Fashion Tarts nominated “Jewels” from The Roving Stove for the Stylish Blogger Award, so I’m tooting my own horn shamelessly again.

There is a catch (sly Cupcake that she is), I have to reveal seven things about myself… Keep Reading »

Dollymop Pop-Up Shop, How the Chic Shop

Julie Anne Rhodes for Jill magazine, Paris

I normally have my Christmas shopping done by August 1st, because I break out into a cold sweat at the very thought of braving the dreaded Christmas shopping crowds. Ask Tatjana, I won’t go anywhere near a mall this… Keep Reading »