New York, New York

Mom and I couldn’t have chosen better timing for our mother-daughter trip to New York. Being a Southern California gal, I miss the autumn turning of the leaves and we hit that perfectly along with unusually mild temperatures the first few days. Then when the… Keep Reading »

Preparing for My Close-Up: A behind the scenes look at cooking on camera

I’ve been cajoled into shooting a few new videos for the Personal Chef Approach website and YouTube channel tomorrow. SO, once again I’m going to have to leave you with an oldie but goodie while I get the set ready, food bought and prepped, think… Keep Reading »

Oscar Doesn’t Always Bring Out the Pretty

It’s funny, I used to live in a country that rained on average 300 days of the year, yet I’m letting the torrential downpour we’re experiencing at the moment put a damper on my Oscar fun this year. I’m  opting to stay dry and cozy… Keep Reading »

Dear Jewels: My Top Ten Kitchen Tools

I originally posted this a few years ago, but people continue to ask me what basic tools most kitchens should have. I thought I would repost it for those of you who have not seen this before.

 –  I am not a natural cook. In fact, I… Keep Reading »

Jewels & Cocktails at David Webb

I had two interesting invitations last Wednesday. One for the opening of a chocolate store billed as the adult version of Willy Wonka on steroids, and the other for world-renowned Manhattan based jeweler, David Webb,  an iconic jewelry house steeped in history . Tempting as… Keep Reading »

Dealing with a Fussy Household

I was lucky, Tatjana was always pretty willing to try anything as long as it didn’t swim in the sea before landing on her plate. Most children do object to certain things, but as we grow older our taste buds mature.
Tatjana Rhodes in Montawk, 1987
We… Keep Reading »

“Jewels” Loves Jewels

I earned my nickname from my ecstatic reaction to the jewels my ex husband would shower me with on special occasions. Sadly (insurance is so expensive these day) they were banished to the bank vault twenty years ago. I have periodic visitation days with the… Keep Reading »

“Jewels” Gets the Stylish Blogger Award

What a way to start 2011! Cupcake from Fashion Tarts nominated “Jewels” from The Roving Stove for the Stylish Blogger Award, so I’m tooting my own horn shamelessly again.

There is a catch (sly Cupcake that she is), I have to reveal seven things about myself… Keep Reading »

Another Letter to Santa

Julie Anne Rhodes
Dear Santa:

I had a whole glamorous list of goodies for you, but my plumber decided Christmas would be of a more mundane nature this year. I’m getting a new sewage drain for the house instead of this Jean Cocteau bracelet I happened upon… Keep Reading »

Re-Born on the 4th of July

Independence Day has special meaning for me this year. I was always in such a hurry to grow up, and prove I didn’t need anyone – I could do it all on my own.

Julie Anne in a rush to be independent

Then heart surgery quickly followed… Keep Reading »

My Big Break

Julie Anne Rhodes breaking through by Mike Owen

Oh no! Right after promising to get back on track with the healthy recipes and get in shape for summer with the “get fit” cheerleader act… I hit the sidewalk, and it hit back. Now I’m flat on… Keep Reading »

Lisa Borgnes is Stitching Up the Noughties

I confess, I am an art groupie, and last Friday night was no exception.

Jewels wearing Betsey Johnson, in front of the Warhol-Basquiat
If you are in LA, don’t miss Lisa Borgnes’s super cool exhibition, Stitching Up the Noughties, at the ACME gallery. Love, love LOVED it!… Keep Reading »

Arriving In Style: Fun Hostess Gifts

Julie Anne Rhodes
I’ve been invited to quite a few dinner parties lately, and if someone is going to go to all that effort to feed me, then I like to show my appreciation. A hostess gift is not about being ostentatious… it is the thought… Keep Reading »