A Recipe for Hope

I was the first generation that women’s lib hit full on. During college I was forced to pay someone to type my term papers, because I’d attended an all girls prep school that drilled it into us that we had to be the top executives… Keep Reading »

Working the Bosom Bling

Julie Anne Rhodes for Elizabeth Emmanuel

Being the vain creature I am, I was naturally very concerned about the scar that surgery would leave emblazoned across my chest. Weeks were wasted fretting that it might read like a neon sign screaming “past her sell by date!”… Keep Reading »

The Scrooge of New Years Eve

Julie Anne Rhodes
I may be a party girl at heart, but I’m not big on New Years Eve parties. Even when I still drank it seemed that all those well laid plans and high expectations of the evening never failed to disappoint…. stuck in traffic… Keep Reading »


I did get a little too carried away back in the day…

…but the tranquility of “Normandieville“, can make you believe there is rest for the wicked (and not so wicked.) Being there is tantamount to a mini vacation right smack in the middle of LA.

Lee… Keep Reading »