Some Like it Hot, But Enough Already!

 It’s hot outside, which makes it hot inside. I do not want to turn on the oven. My “room temperature” is around 80F. Yes, I do have the AC on. It’s 120F outside. The oven is this horrible pit of more heat that I dread. How… Keep Reading »

White Bean, Butternut Squash & Kale Stew

Vegetarian comfort food at it’s best. This healthy stew is a client favorite…. Keep Reading »

Crispy Kale

Crispy and salty like potato chips, but oh so much better for you! This is definitely a kid-friendly way to get the greens down your little (and big) rascals…. Keep Reading »

Your Eye’s Are Getting Heavier And Heavier…

Some people tend to be more susceptible to hypnotism than others. I happen to be one who actually enjoys that restful state somewhere between consciousness and sleep that hypnotherapists induce to make suggestions to the subconscious, so I’m a prime candidate. It worked successfully for… Keep Reading »

Eat Your Vegetables!

I was a model child when it came to drinking my milk, but vegetables? Not so much. This plea appeared recently on my blog, and I’m sure applies to many of us…

Model child Jewels
“My mother never made me eat vegetables so I never developed… Keep Reading »

My Big Break

Julie Anne Rhodes breaking through by Mike Owen

Oh no! Right after promising to get back on track with the healthy recipes and get in shape for summer with the “get fit” cheerleader act… I hit the sidewalk, and it hit back. Now I’m flat on… Keep Reading »