Born Again Art, Friends, & Food

We’d all had dinner at our usual fav, Mr. Chow in New York. “…Then all the wives – Julie Anne (Rhodes) and Teresa (Scharf) – got up and went to Nell’s in one car, knowing the husbands would have to follow, they wanted to kick… Keep Reading »

Christie’s, Warhol, and What’s In It For You?

It was an intensely exciting experience to watch the record breaking Post-War & Contemporary Art auction at Christie’s. Not only was it the first time I’ve sold a painting – it was also my first auction, so I picked a doozy to attend. The proceeds on… Keep Reading »


Birthday Memories and Milestones

You’d think by now I would’ve developed a little more “cool,” if not downright mystery about my birthdays, but I still get as excited about them as a three -year-old would. My parents are driving in from Palm Springs today to spoil me all weekend,… Keep Reading »

Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Jewels: A couple years ago one of my members, Erin (an insanely talented artist herself) asked me to vote for her friend Kristen in a gingerbread competition, and I was so blown away at what I found, I just had to share it with you again on… Keep Reading »

It’s Gingerbread Art Time of Year Again!

Tatjana and I are still so busy shopping and enjoying our time together while she is home that I ran out of time to get a new blog post written today. Instead, I thought I’d rerun a little fun we had baking up some holiday cheer a… Keep Reading »

Merry This, Happy That, & Gratitude

“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response” – Mildred Barthel
Some of us seem to be naturally positive people who wake with smiles on our faces, I’m not one of them. I have to start my day with a grateful list to positively charge… Keep Reading »

Keith Haring Gingerbread Art

One of Tatjana’s and my favorite holiday traditions has always been baking and making gingerbread houses together. This year we decided – why not honor a dear friend and create something a little more interesting, so we decided to make Keith Haring gingerbread cookies instead…. Keep Reading »

Rack of Lamb Provencal for Mother's Day

Bag Lady Chooses Art Treasures Over Home

After my last blog post, a man asked me if I still had my Keith Haring artwork? My reply was, “Of course – they are like family heirlooms. I’d end up homeless before I would sell, but at least I’ll have cool artwork in my bag… Keep Reading »

Keith Haring, Tatjana Rhodes, gingerbread art

Atoms of Gratitude & Logos: Keith Haring

As Google updates their logo in honor of what would have been Keith Harings’ 54th birthday this week,  I wanted to share a post I wrote about my dear friend for the Keith Haring Foundation a few years ago.
With my friends Vuk, and Keith Haring… Keep Reading »

Love Is A Concert

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes at Madison Square Gardens N’ Sync concert

I felt trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone as I suggested the unimaginable to Tatjana – that the frenzied throngs of screaming girls surrounding us at the N’ Sync concert at Irvine… Keep Reading »

Keith Haring’s Art & Legacy Full Throttle…

With my friends Vuk, and Keith Haring at my 30th birthday party in Paris
As if having to cancel my trip to Europe due to a mischievous volcano and British Airways strike wasn’t disappointing enough this week… thelovemagazineblog ran pictures of the UK pre-launch of the… Keep Reading »


I have experienced dizzying joy and success in life, and known what it feels like to lose my way and suffer great loss. I learned how to pick myself up and start over again. I didn’t and couldn’t have done it alone…I did it with… Keep Reading »