Eat Me: 10 Tips on Edible Flowers

I love to cook, bake, and garnish with edible flowers – Mother Nature’s colorful and dainty way of sharing her joyfulness. Whether arranged in a glass vase, or enhancing our pulse-points, flowers are versatile and some are safe to eat, if you know what you… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Breaking Up Can Be Hard to Do

Separating eggs is tedious, especially if it’s the whites you’re after for a meringue, because any foreign particles in the whites will prevent them from whipping up in volume properly. The correct way to do this is to crack the egg in the middle, and… Keep Reading »


Charity Fashion Show in 1996

I love flowers. There are splashes of color everywhere in LA this time of year… these flower photos were all taken within a block from my home.

I always have been a little “flower child” at heart…maybe the flowers really did have… Keep Reading »


“Mommy, Mommy…you’ll never guess what color Daddy’s hair is now!” my 7 year old daughter excitedly reported over the telephone one day (while she was on tour with Duran Duran.)

Tatjana in the South of France

“What color Tatjana?” I replied a bit blase…after all, how many… Keep Reading »