Friends, Flowers, and Perfect Harmony

Lee Lindsey and I go way back. We first met at a party at Jerry and Mick Jagger’s place on the island of Mustique in December 1986 when we bonded over being new mothers (Tatjana and Sam are born just 5 days apart), and have… Keep Reading »

I Blame Sam

By guest blogger Morgan Raymond

I do.Sam Bradley has been the cause of several small earthquakes in my corner of the world, none of them bad, but all causing my family, and me, to look at our lives in ways we never imagined.I doubt he realizes… Keep Reading »


Elizabeth Jagger, Sam Bradley, Lee Lindsey, Tatjana, and Me
Many years ago I met a singer-songwriter (and now owner of Tall Poppy Records) at a party in Mustique. We both lived in London at the time and have children born just 3 days apart, so naturally… Keep Reading »