I am most contenedtly nestled into the rather grand home of my friends Miranda and Mick Jones (I keep expecting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to come flying through the window into the children’s nursery at any moment). They have graciously offered me shelter during my… Keep Reading »

Daughters & RIP Van Winkle Moments

Jewels: As I enjoyed my last few days with Tatjana before she returned to London for her father’s gig in Hyde Park this weekend as part of the Olympic opening celebrations, guest blogger Rachel Cree-Lowe was also
Tatjana at one of her father’s concerts as a wee… Keep Reading »

Favorite Reruns II

“A rerun or repeat is a re-airing of an episode of a radio or television broadcast.”- Wikipedia
I’m making like the networks, and running some blog post reruns while I take a brief break. Take a click down memory lane (click on the photo or the link below to… Keep Reading »

A Whirlwind Summertime Visit

If only I’d picked my feet up when walking like I taught my daughter to, it might have been an easier summer, but I was determined not to let a broken ankle slow us down.

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes, a summer walk in New York

Nearly… Keep Reading »

The Graduate

I often say I feel like Rip Van Winkle – like I fell asleep, and suddenly woke up twenty years later.

Julie Anne & Tatjana nineteen years ago
One of the reasons I am too preoccupied to write much at the moment is that my daughter, Tatjana… Keep Reading »

Keith Haring’s Art & Legacy Full Throttle…

With my friends Vuk, and Keith Haring at my 30th birthday party in Paris
As if having to cancel my trip to Europe due to a mischievous volcano and British Airways strike wasn’t disappointing enough this week… thelovemagazineblog ran pictures of the UK pre-launch of the… Keep Reading »

When Art Becomes Food & Food Becomes Art

Poster photo taken by Nick Rhodes in the kitchen of our house on Gilston Rd.

Wave after wave of memories have washed over me this week since I’ve been back in London. In 1990, I starred in a production of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the… Keep Reading »