Dear Jewels: My Husband Is A Meat & Potatoes Guy & I Want Variety

 My husband likes to eat. He is a meat ‘n potatoes kind of guy. Fancy, vegetarian, ethnic, soup/stew, seafood are not his idea of a meal. Beef, pork, and the occasional chicken next to a starch and a vegetable is about my normal plate. He… Keep Reading »

Cooking With Jewels: Mexican Roast Chicken

We have so much on our proverbial plates today, we often don’t have time to put real food on them. You know you should be eating more meals cooked at home to avoid preservatives and pesticides in your food, and control the amount of sugar,… Keep Reading »

Thanksgiving Personal Chef Approach Style

The holiday menu plan is up, so PCA members to get a jump start on their Thanksgiving dinner preparations. To keep life easy, we’re also leaving last week’s menu up – just in case you don’t have time for the custom menu planning tool (simply click… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Glamour On The Go

Julie Anne: I promise, glamour doesn’t have to stop, just because you put the apron on once a week! Personal Chef Approach member (PCA) Aja Dang is living proof.  Aja sent this guest post in to share how she uses the PCA to help tackle her… Keep Reading »

How Much is Your Time Worth?

When was the last time you said, “gee, I have too much free time on my hands?” If your life is anything like mine, never. Personal time has always been at a premium regardless to wether I’m a single gal, married, or divorced – childless,… Keep Reading »

Fight Obesity: Cook At Home More Often!

It was on the news last night that Californians spend over 40% of their food budget eating dinner out at least four nights a week. We are also fatter than ever with the adult obesity rate over 60%, and children already at 30% in the… Keep Reading »

Flowers, Food, & Friends

I finally made time for a social life this weekend! Of course I multi-tasked and still managed to do a little recipe development and photography while having fun (try the cauliflower recipe below – it got a big thumbs up from my guests). I also… Keep Reading »

Announcing PCA The Caption This Contest!

It’s already time to swing into “back to school” mode, so I thought what better time to have some fun with a Personal Chef Approach™ contest? All you have to do is come up with a fun, witty caption for this photo including #PCACaptionThis, submit. and… Keep Reading »

Learning to Fly in the World of Business

Well chickadees, I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile while fervently working on the business plan for the next stage of There is no shortage of enthusiasm when it comes to dreaming up new ways of helping YOU get dinner on the table every night…. Keep Reading »

Dear Jewels: What Sides Freeze Well?

, I recently made another batch of meals for my in-laws, but I’m struggling with which sides to include with each main. Since I freeze their meals for them, I need to make sure the sides (vegetables, starches) will thaw and reheat well. Are there any… Keep Reading »

A Back to School Special for Everyone

As a back to school special, I’m giving you all a sneak peek at the helping hand you could be getting each week from the menu plan that comes along with many other valuable membership benefits when you upgrade to the Premium Membership here at To sweeten the deal for existing members,… Keep Reading »

#1 On the Wish List for Working Moms

I saw a market researcher ask entrepreneurial women today, what the one thing would be, that would make their lives more manageable on the home front? Almost all of them answered “I wish I had a personal chef.”

The Roving Stove: Affording you the luxury of time

What… Keep Reading »

Homecooked Meals for the Holidays

Jewels: Santa has elves, and you could have the Personal Chef Approach (PCA™) to help save your sanity through the holidays and all year round! Don’t just take my word for the PCA™’s incredible value and virtues, my very first premium member and frequent guest… Keep Reading »