Jewels in Cannes

The Retreat: A Course in Weight Loss

When my life became one long hangover, leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path, I fell to my knees in agony and sought help from a higher power (that I wasn’t even sure existed) to remove my obsession with alcohol. It was the first… Keep Reading »

“What Have You Got to Lose?” Love Affair

I certainly found the last few lessons of A Course in Weight Loss much smoother sailing. The letters to and from “Thin Me” really opened my eyes to why I carry the excess weight, and I’m not entirely sure a part of me isn’t still… Keep Reading »

What Have You Got to Lose? Digging Deeper

Model days
Regardless to whether you’re someone struggling over those stubborn 5-10 pounds, or someone with much more to lose – you’re most likely lugging around a lot of pain with the excess pounds. In fact, during the years I managed to stay rail thin as… Keep Reading »

The Last Supper

Tatjana & Julie Anne Rhodes
It is that time again. Tatjana is packing to return to London as I write this with the world’s heaviest heart. You think this would get easier with years of practice, but it doesn’t. I always feel as if someone has… Keep Reading »