The Magical Mystery Tour Continues

I’ve mentioned my friend Jimmy Demers (the man with the voice of an angel) before. He pops up when I least expect him with sweet little acts of kindness – like drive by hugs, serenades and flowers, post cards from his world travels, or just… Keep Reading »

My Year in Review, 2011

The last week of the year is when I really notice all that I have to be grateful for. Taking stock of the year’s accomplishments, triumphs, and fun (and making a mental notes of where my weaknesses could be strengthened) helps me set new goals… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes

The Dog Ate My Homework?

I could lie, and tell you Dasiy (my dog) ate my homework… but I’m not going to. The truth is I’m still

finding my groove in providing my members with all of the fab benefits and amazing value I promised

while dealing with an apparent upturn in the economy that has resulted… Keep Reading »

Choosing Food That Loves You Back

I’m in the check out line at the grocery store, and notice the woman ahead of me eyeballing my cart. I looked down, and realized everything in it was super healthy, with maybe the exception of a box of Kashi. This will probably sound silly,… Keep Reading »

Snapshots & Video of a Year in Review

I try not to dwell on the less than positive, but I have to admit I am glad to see the back end of 2010. It has been a physically challenging year, as well one with a record number of dashed travel plans. On the… Keep Reading »

“What Have You Got to Lose?” Giveaway

I’ve started writing a series of posts about my friend, Marianne Williamson’s new book, A Course in Weight Loss entitled “What Have You Got to Lose?” The book is about… Keep Reading »

What Have You Got to Lose? Getting Started

I’m not a compulsive over-eater when it comes to cooking savory food, so it doesn’t effect the majority of my work as a personal chef. My thing is sweets. One bite and the “off switch” just disappears.

Personal Chef Julie Anne Rhodes
Two days into reading A… Keep Reading »

A Recipe for Hope

I was the first generation that women’s lib hit full on. During college I was forced to pay someone to type my term papers, because I’d attended an all girls prep school that drilled it into us that we had to be the top executives… Keep Reading »

Embracing Indelible Impressions Part II

Julie Anne Rhodes

I’ve often wondered if the people who have touched my life in passing, or indeed in the present, really know how special they are to me? It never dawned on me, until now, to think about whether I had impacted their lives too?… Keep Reading »