Graveyard Grooving on Halloween

Tatjana likes frequenting graveyards. I know she often takes her daily strolls through one in London, and you may recall her penchant for watching films in the Hollywood Forever cemetery.
Tatjana Rhodes & Millie Brown at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
At first I thought, “Oh no! That’s just… Keep Reading »

Upstairs Friends, Downstairs Cooks, & Downton Abbey

Facebook strikes again, I’ve been reconnected with my friend Debbie Arnold who I hadn’t seen in (gasp) several decades! When we first met, Debbie was on the British show Now Who Do You Do?  It was eerie how she could channel the legend  Marilyn Monroe , so… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne singing Happy Birthday on Nick Rhodes 50th birthday

Singing Happy Birthday Ban is Lifted

When I first met Nick Rhodes in 1982 I mentioned the one thing I would love to do, but couldn’t, was sing. Intent on impressing me, he said “oh, I can get anyone in a modern day studio, and make them sound great.” That line… Keep Reading »

My Night with Michelle Williams & Marilyn

I don’t usually write about film screenings and Q&A’s on my blog since it is the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) policy that only members and their guests attend. No journalists or note taking allowed. Well, I didn’t take notes, and I’m… Keep Reading »