Sesame-Garlic Top Sirloin Steak

This is a sensational Asian inspired marinade that will have you feeling like a cross between Bobby Flay and Ming Tsai at the grill. Children and adults alike ask for this recipe repeatedly…. Keep Reading »

Fusion Flank Steak

Since Dad is master of the grill in our family… here is a marinade for Father’s Day that he will love too!… Keep Reading »

Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaiian food is truly a fusion due to the multi-ethnic immigrants to the islands. Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, American, Polynesian, and even Portuguese cuisines all bandy their influence.These child and adult friendly, tasty breasts can be either grilled or broiled, while the marinade is cooked down… Keep Reading »

The Bill Cosby Father’s Day Gift No-No’s

Julie Anne, Tatjana, and Nick Rhodes

Twenty-four years ago I lay across my bed like a beached whale (about to pop Tatjana out) reading Bill Cosby’s book on Fatherhood. I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard, because it really hit home. Now… Keep Reading »