Jewels Cottage Pie

One of my all time favorite comfort foods, this versatile recipe is a great way to get your little (and big) ones to eat their vegetables. With that rich gravy and texture of the ground beef they will hardly notice the vegetables are there. Besides… Keep Reading »

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

A hint of heat from the horseradish takes these creamy mashed potatoes to a whole new level as a perfect accompaniment to most beef recipes. You can of course cut the calories and saturated fats considerably by using a little less butter, and skim milk… Keep Reading »

Chipotle Mashed Potatoes

You control the amount of heat in this spicy dish by how many chipotle peppers you decide to put into it. I recommend adding peppers one at a time, and tasting to avoid making it too spicy. You can also add peppers to the mashed… Keep Reading »

Lawry’s Prime Rib & Seasoning Salt

While legendary Tinseltown restaurants like Chasen’s and the Brown Derby have long since disappeared, Lawry’s Prime Rib has managed to maintain it’s ambiance, clientele, and employees.

Meet Pepe – he’s been the mixologist here for over forty years
Christopher Hopgood gave mom and me a rare behind… Keep Reading »