Clean Plates: 5 Tips to Wasting Less Food

How often did your mother used to say “there are hungry children in Africa” when you didn’t clean your plate? I know I just wanted to shout “they can have my vegetables!” I guess mom is always right, because eventually I learned to eat my vegetables,… Keep Reading »

Fight Obesity: Cook At Home More Often!

It was on the news last night that Californians spend over 40% of their food budget eating dinner out at least four nights a week. We are also fatter than ever with the adult obesity rate over 60%, and children already at 30% in the… Keep Reading »

#1 On the Wish List for Working Moms

I saw a market researcher ask entrepreneurial women today, what the one thing would be, that would make their lives more manageable on the home front? Almost all of them answered “I wish I had a personal chef.”

The Roving Stove: Affording you the luxury of time

What… Keep Reading »