Rainbow Body Exhibition

Since the first time I saw Millie Brown perform I’ve felt a familiar yet rare electricity run through me – she is quite simply one of┬ámost fiercely original, talented, and authentic artists to come along in decades. Best known for her non-traditional performance based method… Keep Reading »

Graveyard Grooving on Halloween

Tatjana likes frequenting graveyards. I know she often takes her daily strolls through one in London, and you may recall her penchant for watching films in the Hollywood Forever cemetery.
Tatjana Rhodes & Millie Brown at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
At first I thought, “Oh no! That’s just… Keep Reading »

Millie Brown & Julie Anne Rhodes

Pushing Artistic Boundaries & Celestial Bodies

Some of you may remember my references to “guinea pig number one,” my dearly missed collaborator, who served as both a cheerleader and brave taste tester of my first vegetarian and vegan creations. She was my chief advisor on all the ingredients (agave nectar, Braggs… Keep Reading »

Fashion Rocks

Fashion & Food That Rocks

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my career in food, and wouldn’t swap it for love nor money (not today anyway). However, the rock and roll meets fashion diva within thrives on. I still need an occasional fashion fix.
Julie Anne Rhodes: Fashion Rocks
Lucky for me,… Keep Reading »