Julie Anne & Johnnie Friedman

I May Not Be A Doll, but Happy Mother’s Day

I think mom was expecting a living, breathing doll that she could dress up, and I’d do exactly as told. I do share my birthday with Barbie – maybe the stork got confused? Instead, she gave birth to a stubborn, defiant, free-spirited daughter. I’m sorry the… Keep Reading »

The Trans Atlantic Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be confusing in my family, since my daughter and I live on different continents. To complicate matters further, in England they celebrate Mother’s Day in March, so it’s hard for Tatjana to know exactly what day it will fall on in America.
Me… Keep Reading »

Pssst, It’s Mother’s Day Soon

I’ve already waffled on about how much I love being a mother, but I also lucked out when parents were being handed out. Now I’ve been spoiled with easy access to mom and dad in Palm Springs all winter, I find myself missing them more… Keep Reading »

The PCA™ Celebrates Dinner Accomplished

I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays. I think it’s important to pay tribute to your origins, reminisce over the wonderful memories that were part of what made you who (or in this case what) you are today, and then assess and lay plans for the future…. Keep Reading »

Mother’s Day

Julie and mother “Johnnie” Friedman

I recently asked you to let me know which of my posts on the blog have been your favorites so far. The vast majority of responses were the stories about pregnancy and motherhood. Why? It is where our lives intersect, a… Keep Reading »


My entire life I wanted to be a mother. I had my future children named by the time I was 4, so I think my parents were pleasantly surprised when I actually got married first. I know it sounds cliche, but the day Tatjana was… Keep Reading »