Oscar Doesn’t Always Bring Out the Pretty

It’s funny, I used to live in a country that rained on average 300 days of the year, yet I’m letting the torrential downpour we’re experiencing at the moment put a damper on my Oscar fun this year. I’m ¬†opting to stay dry and cozy… Keep Reading »

The Yin & Yang of Glamour vs. Career

The Roving Stove has been all systems go this month – with Super Bowl parties, the Grammy’s today, several Valentines Day dinners booked this week, the Oscar’s yet to come, plus securing new full-time clients for other chefs I’ve begun working with, in addition to… Keep Reading »

From Catwalk to Red Carpet Ready

Of course, I have my favorites to win the Academy Awards, but I’ll be honest – the part I watch for is the red carpet. I’ll never grow tired of my “little girl dressing up fantasy,” because I need my fashion fix as surely as… Keep Reading »

My Night with Michelle Williams & Marilyn

I don’t usually write about film screenings and Q&A’s on my blog since it is the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) policy that only members and their guests attend. No journalists or note taking allowed. Well, I didn’t take notes, and I’m… Keep Reading »

Conviction (the movie) & Sisterly Love

Conviction : In law, a conviction is the verdict that results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime. Conviction is also a fixed or firm belief.

Julie Anne with sister Patty

Take the true life story of a neglected brother and sister… Keep Reading »

Oscar and The Chocolate Box Dress

Julie Anne Rhodes doing her best Oscar impression

Uber hip fashion designer Julia Clancey sent me a text this week… “frocks and cocktails in my Oscar suite?” She was very generously offering to dress me for the parties again this year. Alas, even though I feel… Keep Reading »

Milestones & Fond Memories: 2009

Evening Standard Magazine

The last year of the decade has been a busy one. Tatjana and I rang in the year with Samantha Phillips, and Esai Morales, on Sam’s talk show, The Single Life…

Sam, Julie Anne, Tatjana, and Esai

Then we did a fabulous dinner party for… Keep Reading »

The Big Guns Are Taking Aim at Oscar

Julie Anne Rhodes, 1996
The big guns are taking aim at Oscar. The past week has been an orgy of screenings in their quest. Everyone is a critic, right? So, I just couldn’t resist jotting down a few thoughts of my own about what I’ve seen.

Security… Keep Reading »