Last Omnivore Standing

omnivore – an animal that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances

Julie Anne Rhodes – the 2 year old omnivore

I feel like the last human omnivore standing. My ex went vegetarian years ago, my daughter is leaning that way these days, and I live in… Keep Reading »

Prop 37: Vote for Your Right to Choose!

I’ll be honest – I’m not crazy about politics in food, because politics usually confuse the consumer further, rather than clarify the truth in a bid to protect hidden agendas. Look no further than prop 37. Big business wants you to believe genetically modified food… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Penny Wise, Dollar Ignorance

I hear people complain that organic produce is just too expensive for their budgets. Are poor health and massive doctor bills better for it? ¬†And, I’m not just talking about conventionally grown versus organic any longer – genetically modified seed, anti-biotic and hormone use in… Keep Reading »

Monsanto & “The Fox Watching the Hen House”

Hailing from the heart of America’s farmland, later as a founding member of Parents for Safe Foods in England, and ultimately as someone suffering from an auto-immune disease, I’ve been deeply concerned over what is happening to our food supply for quite some time. Remember,… Keep Reading »

In Defense of School Lunches (& Breakfast)

I was initiated into the world of food activism in 1990. The flowerchild within (I was born a decade too late for the original action) got her ya-ya’s out when I got to march on 10 Downing Street in 1990 alongside Pamela Stephenson, Olivia Harrison,… Keep Reading »

Serious Food for Thought: Cleanse Wrap Up

Julie Anne Rhodes

In 1990 I was a founding member of Parents for Safe Foods, a group of high profile mothers in England that were concerned about the amount of pesticides, hormones, additives, genetic engineering, irradiation, and other undesirable and inhumane food production practices. We marched… Keep Reading »