Girl on Film

While working in Paris in 1985, I landed my first film role in a film called Une Femme ou Deux (A Woman or Two). Talk about jumping in at the deep end… my first scene ever was with Gerard Depardieu!

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#1 On the Wish List for Working Moms

I saw a market researcher ask entrepreneurial women today, what the one thing would be, that would make their lives more manageable on the home front?¬†Almost all of them answered “I wish I had a personal chef.”

The Roving Stove: Affording you the luxury of time

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Party Accomplished eBook

Personal Chef Milestones & A Free Gift

I’m coming up on two major milestones this year. The Roving Stove personal chef service will be celebrating 10 successful years in business, and this Thursday my membership site will be celebrating it’s first anniversary. Some thought I was crazy! Why would a multi… Keep Reading »

How Long Can You Celebrate a Birthday?

At this rate, I will be celebrating this past birthday until the next one!

My favorite personal chef from Yuma, Karla Billdt, showed up on my doorstep with her daughter Brityn…

The dastardly diet derailleur’s Brit and Karla
… and a birthday cake three weeks after my birthday!… Keep Reading »

What Have You Got to Lose? Getting Started

I’m not a compulsive over-eater when it comes to cooking savory food, so it doesn’t effect the majority of my work as a personal chef. My thing is sweets. One bite and the “off switch” just disappears.

Personal Chef Julie Anne Rhodes
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Eataly: A Foodie’s Euphoria

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven last month in New York. I didn’t, and it wasn’t. It was Eataly, the new Italian food Mecca on Fifth Avenue between 23rd and 24th streets. Top chef Mario Batali’s latest venture with Master Chef partner Joe… Keep Reading »

Dinner Impossible to Dinner Accomplished

Jewels in personal chef mode

Everyone, not just those that can afford to hire a personal chef, could benefit from applying the “personal chef approach” to their own households. We’re all struggling to find that ever elusive balance in our lives; whether you are a single… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge Week III

With Thanksgiving looming, and so many recipes yet to try… I thought I would share my ideal Conscious Cook Thanksgiving menu. I do still plan to make the recipes eventually, but as you can imagine, this is The Roving Stove’s busiest time of year, so… Keep Reading »


I have experienced dizzying joy and success in life, and known what it feels like to lose my way and suffer great loss. I learned how to pick myself up and start over again. I didn’t and couldn’t have done it alone…I did it with… Keep Reading »


People often remark that my going from fashion model to personal chef was an odd choice. Not really. You try living on 3 lettuce leaves a day and various stimulants and see where that gets you…a seat in an AA meeting feeling very, very hungry!… Keep Reading »