Rose Scented Pink Grapefruit Angel Food Cupcakes

High tea happens to be one of my favorite services that I offer my clients. It’s perfect for wedding and baby showers, and these light airy clouds of fragrant rose and pink grapefruit angel food cupcakes look so beautifully feminine on a platter with the colorful edible… Keep Reading »

Pink Grapefruit & Herb Chicken

Some of the best new recipes come about by mistake. I meant to make Lemon Herb Chicken for dinner one evening, until I realized the only citrus I had on hand was pink grapefruits, so I gave it a try, and decided it was a… Keep Reading »

The Seven Deadly Sins or Just Peccadilloes

My clever friend Amanda Eliasch is at it again! This time she enlisted help from equally, creative, and wickedly fun art patron, Kay Saatchi.

Gallerist, Jonathan Brown will present “Peccadilloes””, showcasing Amanda’s new neon works based on Kay’s cartoon drawings of her.  Amanda has humorously lent herself as… Keep Reading »

Born on the Fourth of July

I’m publishing this just as my (no longer little) bundle of joy arrives by plane, rather than stork; but anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for pregnant women and babies, so naturally I lurve a good baby shower!

My baby shower in… Keep Reading »