Balsamic-Lavender Lamb Chops

I love to write recipes with ingredients people would not normally associate with a dish such as cocoa or cinnamon as a spice in savory dishes (as opposed to the obvious sweet ones), and in this case lavender, a herb used for centuries that is… Keep Reading »

Food in Film: Ratatouille (2007)

Guest Post by Penelope Worley, Recipe by Jewels
I have been thinking that Julie Anne is really onto something when she says,“if you can read, you can cook.” Good cooks and creative ideas can sometimes come from the most random, common or unthought of places.

No better… Keep Reading »

Bon Voyage II

By now you ought to know that I am a sentimental fool, and equally so about the places I’ve been as I am about the people in my life. I thought I might share some my favorite summer vacations since they have ended up also being… Keep Reading »