Rat’s Tails: Life In Hollywood

Today I spent some wonderful hours with Julieanne Rhodes in Soho House. Cook and blogger to the stars in Hollywood, she conjures up dreams in the kitchen that few can realise.  After cooking all week end, nd studying it when I was young at Cordon Bleu school,… Keep Reading »

Rat’s Tails

Contrary to Gore Vidal, who said “Whenever a friend of mine succeeds, something in me dies” I love my friends achieving things especially when they are older. I am all for the forty plusses finding a second wind, creating and sharing their ideas. Julie Anne… Keep Reading »

A Rat’s Tail

Bloggers all seem so surreal. Do people really exist? Could I pinch them? Something about the internet is still so far fetched for me that when I meet a fellow blogger I want to test them to see if they are alive.  Last night, I… Keep Reading »