Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes

The Most Important Meal Goes Romantic

Doing a romantic dinner for two┬áis not the most lucrative, but definitely my favorite service that I offer as a personal chef. For me, it’s the personal chef equivalent to theater vs. film, I preferred the adrenalin rush of feeling live audience reactions as an… Keep Reading »

4th of July Memories Past and Present

Tatjana came home yesterday! It was the first time in almost seven months that I got to wrap my arms around my daughter, and the longest we have ever gone without some mother/daughter time. I missed her so much I was literally aching! It will… Keep Reading »

The Last Supper

Tatjana & Julie Anne Rhodes
It is that time again. Tatjana is packing to return to London as I write this with the world’s heaviest heart. You think this would get easier with years of practice, but it doesn’t. I always feel as if someone has… Keep Reading »