Restaurant Spying with Friends

Okay, so I gave you the cart before the horse – a girl does have to keep her priorities straight! BEFORE we had that scrumpdilicious cake, Karla, Brtyn, and I had a scrumptious dinner at …

Jerry Hall, Nick and Julie Anne Rhodes back in the… Keep Reading »

New Orleans Restaurant Spy & Fat Hen Grill

 Jewels in the NOLA days

I went to school in New Orleans, and fell in love with the jazz at Preservation Hall, Mardi Gras, and most of all the food! My mouth is salivating just thinking of how my taste buds would snap to life as… Keep Reading »

Dallas Restaurant Spy Reviews Lavendou

Nick, Tatjana, and Julie Anne Rhodes in South of France

Merci Beaucoup to Lane Morris Buckman from The Outside Lane for adding “restaurant spy” to her distinguished resume when she visited Lavendou French Bistro incognito for us! I already knew about Lane’s quick wit and mastery… Keep Reading »

A Sneak Peak at What’s Up for 2011

While my website gets a major overhaul in the next few months, so will my body – I’m hitting the gym big time. It’s conveniently located in the same complex as my favorite cinema, so I’ll reward myself with flicks for the effort.

Color coordinated sisters… Keep Reading »