Special Occasions & Party Accomplished

There are no shortages of special occasions that might require a more elegant menu this time of year. Since I’ve been asked to tape another guest chef appearance next month, and they requested I make a holiday and/or special occasion recipe, I thought I’d come up… Keep Reading »

Roast Beef

One of my favorite memories of my first trip to London as a teen, was of having a proper Sunday lunch at Simpson’s on the Strand. The famous carvery was known for it’s succulent roast beef, perfectly crisp roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding, all smothered… Keep Reading »

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

A hint of heat from the horseradish takes these creamy mashed potatoes to a whole new level as a perfect accompaniment to most beef recipes. You can of course cut the calories and saturated fats considerably by using a little less butter, and skim milk… Keep Reading »

Lawry’s Prime Rib & Seasoning Salt

While legendary Tinseltown restaurants like Chasen’s and the Brown Derby have long since disappeared, Lawry’s Prime Rib has managed to maintain it’s ambiance, clientele, and employees.

Meet Pepe – he’s been the mixologist here for over forty years
Christopher Hopgood gave mom and me a rare behind… Keep Reading »

The Traditional English Sunday Lunch

Julie Anne & Nick Rhodes by Rex
I do get homesick for England. One of the things I miss most (apart from my daughter and friends) is the traditional Sunday roast lunch. This is not the kind of meal you cook for one.

The Swan in Notting… Keep Reading »