Big & Little Screen Food Porn

Warning: John Favreau’s new film, Chef should be viewed on a full tummy only! Food porn has finally burst onto the big screen, and there is absolutely nothing in the theater concessions that will come close to satisfying the cravings you’ll have once you watch… Keep Reading »

Highlights of 2013

The year could not have begun on a better note – Tatjana came home and I finally got to meet the boyfriend. Poor Aaron hardly knew what hit him when he was immediately whisked away to Newport Beach to meet the grandparents too. Living directly… Keep Reading »

Sobriety’s Pleasure Groove

I know this may sound strange, because I had absolutely nothing to do it, but I was so proud to watch my old partner in well, you know…. John Taylor presented with the  2013 Writers in Treatment Experience, Strength, & Hope Award for “demonstrating character,… Keep Reading »