Thai Quinoa Salad

While quinoa is not indigenous to Thailand (I’ve mixed cultures around the world in this one recipe) I think the fresh fusion of flavors meld well. Quinoa is a great source of protein and fiber, plus this salad is easy to make ahead and transport… Keep Reading »

What’s Your Definition of Healthy Eating?

Oops, it’s only Tuesday and my week has already gotten away from me! I’ll be traveling today, so I thought I’d highlight a post that I think you might find useful. Click here to read Jewels’s Ten Commandments for Healthy Eating. Then leave me  your definition… Keep Reading »

Roasted Pepper & Black Olive Salad with Creamy Herb Feta Dressing

The little baby red, yellow, and orange bell peppers you see in the supermarket this time of year are beyond delicious roasted – so tender and sweet! They make a perfect spring/summer first course or side salad coupled with a baby spinach salad tossed in… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tips: Say Cheese!

It is now peak tomato season, and one of my favorite summer appetizers is a simple tomato and mozzarella salad. I remember the first one I ever had. It was 1982, I had a ghastly hangover, and was absolutely  famished when I arrived on a nearby… Keep Reading »

“What’s Up Doc?” Summer’s Salad Bounty

I’ve definitely paid my dues to stay skinny over the years. I lived on bunny food (three lettuce leaves a day), and hated being hungry all of the time. Maybe that is why I usually avoid salads like the plague. I like curves, and I… Keep Reading »

From Fashion to Style

The soundtrack to my life might be David Bowie’s Fashion. I can’t help humming it, and trying to remember the lyrics as I write this.

Jewels pictured with Twiggy in a London Times article
I lived for dressing up, forever mimicking some character I admired. When barely… Keep Reading »

Turning Into TIVO

Tatjana and Mummy by Tatjana Rhodes, 1992

Taking the occasional “lazy day” to watch movies and favorite TV shows together is a family tradition for Tatjana and me. She drew this picture for me when she was only five years old. It sits in a frame… Keep Reading »