Cilantro-Cumin Beef Wraps

Flank steak is an inexpensive cut of beef that will stretch a long way with this recipe. Don’t want to know “where’s the beef?” Try the same marinade with chicken for an equally delicious white meat version…. Keep Reading »

Mozzarella & Tomato Relish on Ciabtta

I love the chewy texture of cibatta. When toasted and laden with aromatic homemade pesto, it makes the perfect base topped with creamy mozzarella fresco, and a burst of sweet and savory from the roasted tomatoes, Parmesan and raisins. I know, it sounds like an… Keep Reading »


Portrait of Julie Anne Rhodes by Johnnie Friedman
Johnnie Friedman and Tatjana Rhodes
I am sandwiched between two generations of artists. My mother is quite a well known artist in my home town for her abstract paintings and Plexiglas sculptures. Against all odds she even managed to… Keep Reading »