Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Balboa Island, California where Daisy and I have been hanging out with my folks for the holidays. Daisy may not be too fond of car┬átravel, but she certainly found her sea legs. The drama queen of dogs – was all whimpers and… Keep Reading »

Another Letter to Santa

Julie Anne Rhodes
Dear Santa:

I had a whole glamorous list of goodies for you, but my plumber decided Christmas would be of a more mundane nature this year. I’m getting a new sewage drain for the house instead of this Jean Cocteau bracelet I happened upon… Keep Reading »

Could I Borrow a Couple of Santa’s Elves?

Jewels: all wrapped up in Ritz Magazine
Pretty please? I need help. I’m juggling twenty balls at once here on my own at the moment, and just realized I have not done ANY of my Christmas shopping in advance as I normally do.
Awk! Crowds – I… Keep Reading »

Big Thing

Tatjana backstage at the Big Thing Tour

Facing the holidays alone for the first time after a break-up or, the loss of a loved one is a big thing. My advice is to make plans in advance to spend the holiday in a new way… make… Keep Reading »