New York, New York

Mom and I couldn’t have chosen better timing for our mother-daughter trip to New York. Being a Southern California gal, I miss the autumn turning of the leaves and we hit that perfectly along with unusually mild temperatures the first few days. Then when the… Keep Reading »

Clean Plates: 5 Tips to Wasting Less Food

How often did your mother used to say “there are hungry children in Africa” when you didn’t clean your plate? I know I just wanted to shout “they can have my vegetables!” I guess mom is always right, because eventually I learned to eat my vegetables,… Keep Reading »

Olympic Gold Medal Shopping

My daughter is an Olympic gold medalist shopper. She comes by it naturally. Both her maternal grandmother and her father could quite easily compete with her for the title. I remember shopping with my mom with as a
Julie and Johnnie Friedman in the shopping days
child. It… Keep Reading »

Proof Mini Me is a Chip Off the Old Block

It’s amazes me how much alike a mother and daughter can be – even when they live with 5000 miles apart!

Tatjana and Julie Anne Rhodes
Tatjana and I have always shared interests. We both love to steal away for a matinee (it must be that playing… Keep Reading »

Could I Borrow a Couple of Santa’s Elves?

Jewels: all wrapped up in Ritz Magazine
Pretty please? I need help. I’m juggling twenty balls at once here on my own at the moment, and just realized I have not done ANY of my Christmas shopping in advance as I normally do.
Awk! Crowds – I… Keep Reading »