Flashback Friday: Video Killed The Radio Star

“The one thing I always wanted to do, is sing, but I can’t,” I confided in Nick the day we met. “Oh, I can get anyone in a modern day studio and make them sound great,” he claimed . WRONG, not long after we were… Keep Reading »

The Dog Days of January?

It’s probably a bit naughty of me to post this, but I’m still giggling over a dinner I attended the other night. It could be just my own warped sense of humor, or maybe I just don’t get out enough lately – I’ll let you… Keep Reading »


I have experienced dizzying joy and success in life, and known what it feels like to lose my way and suffer great loss. I learned how to pick myself up and start over again. I didn’t and couldn’t have done it alone…I did it with… Keep Reading »