Making music with my cousin, Martha

Soups On, & Better than ever with Vitamix

I was obviously confused as a teenager as to which part of that party I could master, I think I’ll leave the music making to my keyboard playing ex, and concentrate on scintillating food instead! Wild mushroom soup was another course requested for that 8… Keep Reading »

My Year in Review, 2011

The last week of the year is when I really notice all that I have to be grateful for. Taking stock of the year’s accomplishments, triumphs, and fun (and making a mental notes of where my weaknesses could be strengthened) helps me set new goals… Keep Reading »

Choosing Food That Loves You Back

I’m in the check out line at the grocery store, and notice the woman ahead of me eyeballing my cart. I looked down, and realized everything in it was super healthy, with maybe the exception of a box of Kashi. This will probably sound silly,… Keep Reading »

Jewels in Cannes

The Retreat: A Course in Weight Loss

When my life became one long hangover, leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path, I fell to my knees in agony and sought help from a higher power (that I wasn’t even sure existed) to remove my obsession with alcohol. It was the first… Keep Reading »

Snapshots & Video of a Year in Review

I try not to dwell on the less than positive, but I have to admit I am glad to see the back end of 2010. It has been a physically challenging year, as well one with a record number of dashed travel plans. On the… Keep Reading »

“What Have You Got to Lose?” Love Affair

I certainly found the last few lessons of A Course in Weight Loss much smoother sailing. The letters to and from “Thin Me” really opened my eyes to why I carry the excess weight, and I’m not entirely sure a part of me isn’t still… Keep Reading »

A Vegan Holiday Feast

Some of you may remember last year when I did a series of posts called The Conscious Chef Challenge written after attending the book launch party for Chef Tal Ronnen‘s The Conscious Cook. What started out as a fun party led to several enduring friendships,… Keep Reading »

Vegan Banana Rum Cheesecake Heaven!

Now I’ve been throwing dinner parties most of my adult life, and professionally for eight years, but this is the only dessert I have served that a guest has not only asked for seconds, but returned to my home ten minutes after departing to request… Keep Reading »

Sugar Free

I am totally grooving on how good I feel with no sugar or sweeteners other than fresh fruit. Apart from the odd detox headache, and a little passing brain fog, I’m already seeing enormous benefits. Before you shout “not another health oriented post”, it’s only… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge: Pasta!

Paola, George, and Julie Anne
If you had invited me for a vegan meal 6 months ago, I would have crinkled my nose and made a semi-polite excuse not to join you, but if you invited me for pasta… no problem. The fact it might be… Keep Reading »

How Does Your Gardein Grow?

Julie Anne Rhodes
Are you contemplating a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle? Maybe you’re an omnivore like me, and just want to lighten your meat intake by 1-2 meals a week, but find it difficult to plan meals without protein being the main attraction? Garden + protein… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge Continues

In October I wrote about the book launch party for The Conscious Cook, and how a few of my fellow party attendees asked me to prepare a vegan dinner party for them. Panic set in. I’d never cooked anything vegan, the recipes in the book… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge Week V

Julie Anne Rhodes
Tis the season to be jolly, and entertain! The very first recipe I looked at in The Conscious Cook cookbook had me salivating immediately, but I wanted to save it until now as it is the perfect first course for Christmas dinner. It… Keep Reading »